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May 20, 2017 2 min read

What kind of dresses are they exactly?

We make Vietnamese style tunic dresses, called Ao Dai in Vietnamese (Ao Dai literally translates as long dress). Our Ao Dai are tailored in the heart of Saigon, Vietnam, by tailors with decades of experience and impeccable reputations for quality and service.

What kind of different styles are there?

Ao Dai can be divided into two broad categories, traditional, and modern.

Our more traditional Ao Dai has a full length tunic dress, worn overs silk, or chiffon pants. The tunic features a long slit to just above the hip, intentionally revealing just a tiny patch of skin.

The main distinguishing feature of modern Ao Dai is the shorter length of the tunic dress, and the fact they are usually worn with jeans, leggings, or a skirt underneath. Modern Ao Dai are usually more practical and comfortable to wear in daily life, whereas traditional Ao Dai are usually, though not always, worn on special occasions.

Traditional Ao Dai are usually made from blended silk chiffon fabrics. As chiffon is so thin and sheer, two layers of fabric are used so it is not see-through. Modern Ao are often made of stretch cotton, silk brocade, linen etc. Both styles of Ao Dai can include embroidery, beading or hand-painted designs.


Sizing 1: Can dresses be custom made to my measurements?

Traditional Ao Dai are generally tighter fitting and made to each customer’s individual measurements. Modern Ao Dai can be either custom fitted, or made to most international standard sizing systems.


Sizing 2: If I choose a custom size, how should I take my measurements?

Please send us measurements (bust, waist, bottom, height and weight) either as a note when purchasing,or as a separate message sometime after purchase.

For best possible fit, take measurements using the same underwear, especially the same bra, in which you usually plan to wear with your custom made dress.


Can I customize any other elements of my Ao Dai?

Yes, we are very flexible – lower or higher mandarin collars as well as round or v neck options are available at no extra cost. Dress and sleeve length are also up to the individual customer, again with no extra charge.


Will my Ao Dai come with pants?

As touched on above, traditional Ao Dai are worn with matching or complementing pants, usually made from silk. Any traditional Ao Dai ordered from our store will include pants at no extra charge unless otherwise requested. If you would prefer pants in a different color, just let us know soon after purchasing.

Modern (shorter length) Ao Dai on the other hand do not include pants and are designed to be worn with jeans/leggings or other suitable pants.

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mark ranson

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