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Custom ao dai; how much should it cost?

May 27, 2019 2 min read

How much should a custom ao dai cost?

Beauty and quality, brand hype, or cheap but not so cheerful? If you want to show off with a hyped up brand without the custom fit and high quality tailoring, but with a huge price tag, that is one option. If you are still reading, you are probably one of the intelligent people who values fashion, quality and service, without wasting money unnecessarily.

Of course essentially a tailor made garment’s cost = fabric/materials + labor + overheads.

Mark&Vy’s prices are not the lowest and we would never aim to be if it meant an inferior experience for our customers. Our reality is the highest quality tailoring/fit, using high quality, durable fabrics. That is why we always have waiting lists, and our head tailor has relationships with many customers, spanning decades.

How much should it cost for the privilege of having a custom ao dai made by an artisan with 30 years of experience making ao dai as our’s does? How much should it cost for the perfect, flattering fit, which makes a woman feel her most beautiful and confident? A master artisan of course charges more than an apprentice, so we are not the lowest priced, but we are very, far from the highest.

Lower overheads keeps prices affordable. As much as we have premium tailoring and fabric, our prices are not equally high. As a startup with a small staff, we don’t have the huge overheads in terms of staff, rent, marketing costs etc. of bigger brands. We will always stay small to maintain the quality which inevitably slips as brands grow.

To summarise, we are not for everyone. If you want ‘cheap and nasty’ I’m afraid we can’t lower our standards. If you want the the hype and high price tag, I’m afraid that is not us either. Our garments are truly a case of value for money - access to an amazing master tailor at affordable prices i.e. the smartest choice for discerning customers who value both fashion and quality.

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