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Wedding Ao Dai package. All inclusive: Women's & men's ao dai, and Women's long coat, and Women's AND men's headpieces.

Wedding ao dai and headpiece package includes:

1 X WOMEN'S WEDDING AO DAI in pink coral color (silk fabric)

1 X WOMEN'S LONG COAT (worn over ao dai dress) in French wine color (silk brocade fabric)

1 X WOMEN'S HEADPIECE in French wine color (silk brocade fabric)

1 X MEN'S WEDDING AO DAI in French wine color (silk brocade fabric)

1 X MEN'S HEADPIECE in French wine color (silk brocade fabric)

Your wedding dress will be created by our master tailor who can create the perfect fit with only the customer's basic measurements.

After you purchase, we will send you a simple online form to fill in your measurements for a FREE custom fit.
We can answer any questions you may have about this, but it is quite straightforward.

We take a lot of care with our photography to make sure colors are represented as accurately as possible, but of course colors can appear slightly different between different devices in different lighting conditions.

Our many amazing reviews are a testament to our professionalism and trustworthiness, so you can purchase with confidence.

If you have any questions, we are always here to help (timezones permitting) If we receive your message during our night time, we will respond as soon as possible

Shipping details:

Shipping is FREE. Please allow 3-4 weeks to receive your finished garment(s), this includes tailoring AND shipping time combined (time begins from when we receive your measurements).

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Please note; we make every effort to ensure our photos accurately represent the true colors of each garment, but due to the nature of different devices, screen brightness, lighting conditions etc. small variations can sometimes occur.