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Custom made Vietnamese ao dai dress in yellow brocade fabric with phoenix and dragon motif

Phoenix and dragon ao dai design befitting an empress on her wedding day

This regal, yellow design depicts two of the four sacred animals in Vietnamese culture, the phoenix (representing the empress) and the dragon (representing the emperor) - the perfect choice for your wedding day or other important event.

The phoenix symbolizes nobility, grace, pride, and virtue; attributes that match perfectly with the graceful and elegance that comes with a bespoke ao dai by mark&vy.

The dragon symbolizes power, immortality, and nobility. Vietnamese people believe we are descended from a dragon, and therefore
it is an extremely important animal in our culture.

We hope we captured this sense of nobility in this yellow, brocade ao dai with gold phoenix and dragon motif. You will definitely light up the room on your big day wearing this tailor made ao dai by mark&vy.

Order with or without traditional headpiece (khan dong).

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