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(SAMPLE, Approx. US Size 4) Dark Pink ao dai. Spectacular Vietnamese long dress; hand beaded, silk blend fabric.

Beautiful Vietnamese ao dai in high quality, (hand beaded) silk blend fabric. Includes both dress and also satin pants/trousers to be worn underneath dress.

Exact sample measurements:

Bust: 84cm
Waist: 66cm
Hips: 94cm

Adjustability: 2-4cm (i.e. if you are within 2-4cm of these measurements we can alter for you)

Dress making and shipping details:
Please allow 3-4 weeks to receive your finished ao dai. The sooner we receive your measurements the sooner we will begin the tailoring process.

Please note; we make every effort to ensure our photos accurately represent the true colors of each garment, but due to the nature of different devices, screen brightness, lighting conditions etc. small variations can sometimes occur.